Monday, January 17, 2011

letter and form integration



This illustration is based on saakh bajanur (shell blowing) competition takes place in West Bengal during Durga Puja. I made this bookmark to promote the event in our institute. 

This illustration is been used in ICSID international poster competition that I took part with one of my classmate for the topic " Human solution for resilient world' . We chose to represent our idea with the metapher of a mother and her  child. The mother shows infinite and selfless care. We receive the same care from mother earth during our growing stages and now its time for us to do the same. The earth is depicted in a green outline to convey that most of our resources are over but the earth still remains.

hand skills

Illustrated zodiac signs for T-shirts targeting kids

This illustration is inspired by van gogh's starry nights. The assignment was to change the foreground and still keep the identity of the painter. This illustration is made by oil pastels.  

book cover

Cover page for a document I worked 'Bharatnatyam, an aindian classical dance art.

The subtitle page

sketchbook 1

Some mediun explorations on human figures. These sketches includes 5 sec to 20 sec rapid sketches.

3 pages below are some character explorations

trip condoms

Some variation for logoes. Earlier the name was Trip 69

Trip condoms provide male and female condom targeting the youth involved in casual sex. The P and D together are making a form which is opposite to each other which shows the character of a boy and a girl. The colours used indicated the prominent colours of a male and female.


Annimate is an animation studio owned by ms. Ann Mathew. The logo is a pencil tip being sharpened, where the lead of the pencil and the sharpened portion makes the letter A which is the first letter of the clint's name and Annimate. 

some variation for annimate

wild captivity

old cities